This program is designed for students aspiring for pursing AP art in High school or College application portfolios. It will help them build strong skills for the advanced courses as well as give a boost to their techniques.

Over recent years, Monart has mentored students aspiring to get admission into Middle School, High School, and Colleges to pursue a higher art education. These are some of those students:

    • Kayla K. – accepted to the Art program at Pershing 2016-17
    • Rachel B. – accepted to HSPVA for 2016-17 year
    • Maya S. – accepted to HSPVA for 2016-17 year
    • Sara H. – accepted to HSPVA for 2015-16 year
    • Renee P. – accepted to HSPVA for 2015-16 year

Enrolling in time will give students a head start in constructing art portfolios with high quality work. Schools require that students’ portfolios constitute work from real life; it is all the more reason to be enrolled in an ongoing program that give them exposure and guidance.

College level applications are examined with a higher level of scrutiny. Alongside SAT scores and GPAs it is important for students to present their personal attributes. Sometimes the decisive factor can be the supplementary application material. These can include athletics, music recording, performing art videos or a strong fine art portfolio which can showcase their achievements, commitment as well as their personality.

Additional studio time to work on portfolios can be purchased at $10 per hour, whereby they will have access to the studio and material. Too often students are unable to work dedicated hours at home. The studio time will facilitate focused work

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